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Rise of the Clans

Round XII of the Third Era of Neflaria

Neflaria is a free-to-play browser RPG. Work together in the name of Good or seek to destroy others in the name of Evil.

Latest News

The Ministry of Warfare

01/24/16 5:16 AM -

"The leaders of all cities in Neflaria, from Camelot to Essence of Malice, reached a historical agreement; they would redirect the dwindling supply of fresh guards to fight against the encroaching wilderness, and allow Clans to settle their disputes through law. Thus, the Ministry of Warfare was created; a board representing all of Neflaria, to oversee the laws of warfare. (It also happens to generate quite a lot of gold to arm the city guards, and line the mayors' pockets...)"

The Ministry of Warfare is a neutral organization comprised by representatives from all major zones of Neflaria. It oversees conflict between clans, and exacts a hefty fee from the aggressor, and in return, marks members of wars with a "(W)" and allows for combat in zones where it would otherwise be forbidden.

A chat announcement is made when clans begin a war, and once an hour, wars nearly finished are announced again.

The cost formula works in such a way that fights between similarly powered and populated clans are much cheaper than "unfair" fights; a 10-person, 300-power clan fighting another will find it much cheaper than to fight against a 3-person, 100-power clan. (You can take on larger opponents for cheaper than the other way around, however.)

A board is posted with all current wars at the Ministry of Warfare headquarters at 1,2, Royal University, where wars can be scheduled by clan leaders and co-leaders.

Rise of the clans!

01/09/16 3:26 PM - Sexy Lingerie

Welcome to the new round! We'll be having some clan related updates early this round, including a first pass at clan wars. Enjoy!

Recent Official Announcements

Top 5 players by good alignment:

  1. Spartacus, a level 47884 Human
  2. Arawen, a level 1071 Dark Elf
  3. Anonymous, a level 1172 Human
  4. Baller, a level 1500 Elf
  5. Killem Dafoe, a level 1196 Angel
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